Recreational Retailing, Downtown Disney

World of Disney - Anaheim, California

World of Disney – Anaheim, California

On our first day in Southern California, we hung out right next to Disneyland in a place called Downtown Disney. It’s basically Disney’s fancy name for an outdoor shopping mall. It’s filled with upscale shops and tourist catering restaurants. Most establishments were independent entities, but with a few Disney related ones, as one might expect.

There is a giant store called World of Disney that we visited. Actually, we went several times. We were very restrained and didn’t buy much. — mostly small gifts to bring back to others as presents.

Among the many pluses of photography, I rarely buy souvenirs anymore. I figure having photographs of the places I visit is more than enough as memories. It’s a creative endeavor, saves money, and the digital representations reduce clutter. Of course, when I say photography saves money, I’m not counting the outrageous number of cameras I own. As you can understand, that comes from another budget.

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