Jungle Cruise Boat

Jungle Cruise Boat - Anaheim, California

Jungle Cruise Boat – Anaheim, California

As the name Jungle Cruise might allude to, this Disneyland ride is about taking a boat through the jungle. And, here’s one of the boats. I read the original concept back in 1955 was to use real animals. That changed to animatronic animals when they discovered that many of them like to sleep during the day.

While the animals haven’t changed very much over the years, the character of the ride has. In the beginning, there was a more sincere narration of a trip into the jungle. The modern version is sort of a light comedy with puns galore. And, the puns come incredibly fast and furious. Hence, much of the enjoyment of the ride depends on how well the boat captain delivers their lines.

Of course, there are unexpected twists with angry animated animals during the jungle trek. And, that itself can be interesting. But it’s really the stand-up presentation of the comedic lines that seals the deal. I could see that much of the subtlety of the dialog is missed by foreigners. I found it almost amusing how — understandably — clueless they were about the bad puns. Which might actually be a blessing in disguise. A friend of mine used to say puns are the lowest form of humor.

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