Hunting Trophies

Hunting Trophies - Anaheim, California

Hunting Trophies – Anaheim, California

We were anxious to get out of the rain. Any dry place would do. We entered a high-end souvenir shop that catered to Star Wars enthusiasts. There were some inexpensive items. But, most were on the high side and built more of metal rather than plastic. Welcome to the store with $100+ lightsabers and outfits.

Research revealed that this shop is called Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. The detailing was exquisite, and I found this wall display amusing. I’m sure serious fans will know the names of all these creatures. I don’t, though the one on the top right looks like a Tauntaun.

The store proprietor was generous enough to let my sons play with lightsabers — the expensive ones. I took some snapshots of them in a mock battle.

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