Millennium Falcon at Night

Millennium Falcon at Night - Anaheim, California

Millennium Falcon at Night – Anaheim, California

After seeing how crowded it was at Galaxy’s Edge, I thought it would be impossible to get a clean picture of the Millennium Falcon without any people. Luck would have it that heavy rain gave me that opportunity.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, when the rain started falling, and most people went home, my sons and I headed for Galaxy’s Edge. We got to ride Smuggler’s Run multiple times without any waiting. I took photos of the buildings and the TIE Shuttle. But, the picture I wanted the most was of the Millennium Falcon.

I got some extra shine and reflection courtesy of the weather. If you look closely near the lights, you can make out rain, which appears almost like smoke at this resolution. I slowed down the shutter to 1/4 of a second handheld to eke out the highest quality image shooting with the lowest possible ISO. I managed ISO 640 with an f2.8 aperture. The picture looks quite satisfactory even with additional post-processing.

I suppose because of the extra effort and some hardship, this is my favorite Galaxy’s Edge photo. I left this for my last post of the long and extensive Disneyland series. After Disney, we spent a few more days in Los Angeles, which I’ll talk about soon, after a short break.

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