First Order TIE Echelon

First Order TIE Echelon - Anaheim, California

First Order TIE Echelon – Anaheim, California

With this TIE shuttle, I believe I have documented all the ships at Galaxy’s Edge. You can see that it’s eerily, or perhaps menacingly, lit at night. The First Order is like the Empire from the original movie series but reconstituted. This is the transport ship used by the new galactic bad guys.

On my first visit, I had to wait about an hour and a half to ride the Smuggler’s Run ride. However, as I mentioned a couple of days ago. I managed to ride it the second and third time very quickly. And, here’s the reason why. A huge rainstorm hit us at night. It canceled the fireworks show, and many scrambled for the exit. Maybe the people in “sunny” Southern California weren’t used to real weather.

My boys and I persevered. Yes, we were soaked but headed back to the Galaxy’s Edge located at the rear of Disneyland. We were rewarded for our dedication. There was no wait at Smuggler’s Run. All of us rode the Millennium Falcon ride back to back. While my sons went for the third time, I opted to take pictures.

I made this photo balancing my camera bag, umbrella, and camera. Looking on the left side and above the building, you can see considerable rain lit by the light. It was somewhat miserable, but getting to experience the most crowded ride two extra times without waiting and making people-free images made it worthwhile.

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