Symmetry, RH - Austin, Texas

Symmetry, RH – Austin, Texas

After nearly 90 days of Disneyland coverage, I’m changing things up temporarily before I head back to Southern California. This is a fresh picture made yesterday in Austin. I finished some yard work early, and I headed to The Domain for some R&R (Recreational Retailing).

The Domain is Austin’s biggest lifestyle center, a mix-use development with lots of retail, apartments, and offices. It’s a high-end place with lots of pretty things to purchase. I didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to look, and photograph. I instinctively brought my compact Fujifilm X-E3 and ended up with more worthwhile pictures than I imagined.

I went to RH, which used to be known as Restoration Hardware. It was never really a hardware store, but now they’ve morphed into a place for luxury furniture. In The Domain, there’s a four-story behemoth that is a sight to behold. Much of the furniture is displayed symmetrically, including today’s.

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