Model Y

Model Y, Tesla Showroom - Austin, Texas

Model Y, Tesla Showroom – Austin, Texas

Behold the Tesla Model Y, announced in March 2019 and started to ship in March 2020. It’s a compact crossover vehicle that looks similar to the Model 3 but is slightly larger and sits higher. Both the Model Y and 3 were on display at the Tesla Showroom in The Domain.

If I were buying a Tesla, this is the model I would get. Surprisingly, my wife seems even more interested in it than I. Like all Teslas, it accelerates very quickly, though that’s not the attraction for me. I like the gadgets, the electronic user interface, and the minimalist design. We have no plans at this time for buying one, however.

The showroom attracted a steady stream of visitors. For me, last Saturday, it was one of several stops I made observing and photographing expensive items.

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2 thoughts on “Model Y

  1. “…no plans at this time…”. I can see by the attention given the photo and the processing where you’re headed.

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