Rock Rose Avenue

Rock Rose Avenue, The Domain - Austin, Texas

Rock Rose Avenue, The Domain – Austin, Texas

People were out in full force last Saturday at The Domain. The weather was pleasant and with the mask mandate lifted, I think we are feeling a renewed sense of freedom. It was actually nice to see crowds.

Rock Rose Avenue is part of Domain Northside, the newer part of The Domain. One side is lined with bars, and the other side is restaurants. Think of it as a clean, safe, and suburbanized version of 6th Street. There are even some downtown bars that have a presence there.

While this may look like a central business district, it’s not. It’s a shopping mall which makes it private property. They have stricter controls of who can be there. You won’t find homeless people, for example. Cleaner, yes. But ultimately, people lose freedoms that are available in a public space.

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