Art-ish LA

Art-ish LA, Downtown - Los Angeles, California

Art-ish LA, Downtown – Los Angeles, California

It’s been a while since I featured an Art-ish image on the blog. I created and include this image in my free newsletter over a year and a half ago. It’s a scene from downtown LA at South Broadway and 6th Street. Art-ish is my term for taking photographs and using software to add artistic effects. The painterly look can either be fascinating or an abomination, depending on who you ask. Is it real art? No. That’s why I call it Art-ish.

There were a couple of places in downtown Los Angeles that I wanted to photograph. However, I was wary. I heard mixed reports of the safety of downtown and that there was a homeless problem. I was going alone, for some personal photography time. Plus, the rest of the family was tired and ready to go to bed.

I drove slowly down South Broadway, surveying the area. It wasn’t bustling, and it looked a bit seedy, to be honest. Yet, I didn’t see homeless or unruly gangs of people. This was in December 2019, before the pandemic. I wonder how it looks now?

Using the compact Canon G7X Mark II, I took this snapshot safely from the car. With the Art-ish effect, the picture looks warmer and more inviting than in reality. Still, downtown had a pull that kept me exploring. I ended up documenting the two locations and then some, which I will blog about over the next series of posts.

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