Tiarra Girls

Tiarra Girls - Austin, Texas

Tiarra Girls – Austin, Texas

Here’s lead singer Tori from the Tiarra Girls. This is the third and headlining band from The Ballroom @ Spider House performance a week-and-a-half ago. I enjoyed a night of photography and socializing at this Precision Camera and Fujifilm photography event. Luckily, other than the band, everyone else was wearing masks. The venue was not packed, and the risk of COVID transmission was somewhat reduced.

Being a Fujifilm-sponsored event has its benefits. I borrowed the new GF80mm f1.7 lens and attached it to my GFX 50R. The Fuji rep claims that this is the fastest medium format lens ever made. Both in terms of aperture size and focusing speed. Compared to my FotodioX adapted Canon lens, which I used to shoot the first two bands, this native Fuji lens was spectacular. Focusing, even on my relatively slow GFX 50R, was very perky.

The 80mm lens, which has a 63mm equivalent focal length, worked perfectly for band shooting. My Canon lens was a bit too wide. This one easily isolated the lead singer and other band members. Primarily designed as a short portrait lens, the large f1.7 aperture persuaded me to give it a try — perfect for a dark room.

The lens is tempting for a future purchase. I can see it being handy making Drink and Click portraitures.

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