Tortuga Shades Portrait

Tortuga Shades Portrait - Austin, Texas

Tortuga Shades Portrait – Austin, Texas

Several days ago, I mentioned that I borrowed the new Fujifilm GF80mm f1.7. I had it for less than an hour, shooting Tiarra Girls and running other tests. While it worked exceptionally well photographing a live performance, it’s essentially designed as a short portrait lens. I needed to make a portrait to really get the feel of it.

Outside, I saw Tortuga Shades, the first band I document that night. I asked if I can make a portrait of the entire group. The lighting was terrible, and I essentially made this with available light, mostly coming from the marquee.

At an f1.7 aperture at 1/125 per second shutter, even this marginal light only needed ISO 1600. Squarely in the acceptable zone for the Fuji GFX 50R. It’s not the most amazing band portrait, but decent for the given environment. I got to test a new lens and got a keepsake image from an entertaining night.

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