The Red Door

Ballroom Backdoor - Austin, Texas

Ballroom Backdoor – Austin, Texas

For the third and last picture of this blue hour mini-series, we have the back of The Ballroom. Here we combine many of the elements of the previous two photos. Glowing lights, telephone poles, and of course, blue hour.

It’s the bright red door that attracted my attention, however. Red neon inside the venue made for this striking combination of golden yellow, red, and blue. Add to that a mixture of texture and kitsch, and we have a visual smorgasbord.

Being part of the original Spider House, they have leftover Vorlon statues on the right. Visually balanced by the blue recycling bin. In some unconventional way, it all works to establish equilibrium with a juxtaposition of color. At least that’s what I tell myself.

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