Checking Status

Checking Status, Getty Center - Los Angeles, California

Checking Status, Getty Center – Los Angeles, California

I almost always have unique titles for my blog posts. However, I’ve used “Checking Status” a couple of times before. It’s my favorite way to title pictures of people immersed in their smartphones.

This was in the Manet exhibit at The Getty Center — you can make out the ornate frames around the historic artwork. I’m not passing judgment on this woman or anyone else using their phone. They could be checking something that’s critical. However, there is no question that society as a whole is a lot more distracted.

Unlike most of my Getty pictures, which I shot with the Fuji X-T10, I used the Canon G7X Mark II — small, quick, and inconspicuous. The image quality diminishes, but for a contrasty black and white like this, it works. The dark area where the woman is standing and the sharp black line make this seem like two separate photos joined together. It’s not.

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