Portrait with Manet

Portrait with Manet, Getty Center - Los Angeles, California

Portrait with Manet, Getty Center – Los Angeles, California

I have one last photo from the Manet exhibit. Unlike most of my other Getty Center photographs, I made this with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the wide-angle Olympus lens. In fact, for my three pictures from the Manet gallery, I used three different cameras.

Do different cameras really matter? Yes, kind of. The Olympus has the best in-body image stabilization systems around. Therefore, I tend to experiment more with slow shutter speeds. Coupled with the wide-angle Olympus 9-18mm lens, I make images different from my other cameras.

Here the slow shutter speed at 1/6 of a second has created motion blur. The subject near the Manet and the photographer are rock steady. But most around are moving. This has the effect of isolating the subject by movement instead of depth of field. Just a different kind of picture for some photographic fun.

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3 thoughts on “Portrait with Manet

    1. I don’t necessarily go to a lot of museums. However, every one that I’ve gone to seems to be fine with photography. But, my experience is only from LA and Austin, so far.

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