Pizza Perfection

Pizza Perfection, Home Slice - Austin, Texas

Pizza Perfection, Home Slice – Austin, Texas

It didn’t seem right to do an entire series on a pizza restaurant and not show the food. Here’s the pie we ordered. Nothing fancy. Just pepperoni.

Pizza toppings used to be a serious topic for me. I think the only way to test the authentic quality of a pizza is to order plain cheese. There is no hiding behind toppings. If the crust, sauce, and cheese aren’t great, it’s going to show. When I grew up in New York City, all we ate were plain cheese pizzas.

Only after I left the Big Apple, I discover why toppings exist. Most of the pizzas I ate were subpar and lacked dimension. It was only the toppings that made the taste palatable. I’ve relaxed the standards somewhat in my old age. Pepperoni and other meats are acceptable. And I know Home Slice has robust enough pizzas to pass the cheese-only test.

I still draw the line on sweet pizzas — no Hawaiian pizzas with pineapple. I believe pizzas should be savory. That goes for bagels, too, by the way. But that’s a topic for another discussion.

How good is Home Slice’s pizza? I think they are the best in Austin. Though, in all honesty, I have not gone to every pizza place in the city. I can usually tell how good a pizza is just by the smell and look. The New York-style pizza should be orange in color.

How does it compare with pizzas in New York? That’s a difficult question since it’s been a while since I’ve gone back. From what I recall, Home Slice should fair quite well. It may not be the best in New York City, but it will certainly compare favorably to a neighborhood pizza joint.

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2 thoughts on “Pizza Perfection

  1. Bagels are another topic indeed. With the advent of large, soft bread circles flogged as bagels I found myself in dire straits. Bagels should be tough. Tough enough to resist being bitten into and pulled apart. As the number of real bagel shops dwindled over the decades, I gave up on bagels for the most part. Now I make my own. You want terror? Think of carefully making and shaping a half-dozen bagels, the tossing the uncooked dough into a pot of boiling water! How could this not end in disaster? It doesn’t. Still working on a satisfactory level of toughness in the final product, but the current result is delicious.

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