Taking Pride in Bathrooms

Taking Pride in Bathrooms, Home Slice - Austin, Texas

Taking Pride in Bathrooms, Home Slice – Austin, Texas

Finishing a series at the bathrooms — or more accurately, the hallway that leads to them — might be strange. However, I think the quality of a restaurant can be gleaned by looking at these places. How many restaurants have you been to where the bathrooms are an afterthought? Located in some remote corner, cluttered with supplies — and worse – dirty.

As you can see, there is just as much decorative thought applied here as in the rest of the establishment. The bathrooms themselves were clean, too, and just as stylistically quirky.

The pride of work shows when you look behind the covers. Is the unseen side of the fence painted too? Unfortunately, too much of the world is slipshod these days. If the front of the house somehow looks good. Take a look at the back of the house for the true quality.

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