Home Slice with Precision

Interior, Home Slice Pizza - Austin, Texas

Interior, Home Slice Pizza – Austin, Texas

I have one more Home Slice Pizza post with several photographs. I like shooting here because of the rich and extravagant decorations. However, they pose a photographic challenge because of their dimly lit interiors, especially at night. These may seem familiar to you from a series of posts from a year and a half ago. But these are different and executed with more precision.

Lots have changed since I previously posted the interiors. I’ve moved from the Fujifilm X-E3 to the X-S10 and upgraded the lens from the kit 15-45mm to the 16mm f2.8 prime. I also post-processed more elaborately and did more perspective corrections, coupled with the evening scene, which produced lush images in keeping with the restaurant.

Interior, Home Slice Pizza - Austin, Texas

The new 16mm lens is optically superior and has a larger aperture. Coupled with able image stabilization, I created images at shutter speeds ranging from 1/3 to 1/6 of a second. As a result, I create high-quality images even under dim conditions, though with more motion blur.

Interior, Home Slice Pizza - Austin, Texas

I also do more perspective corrections, especially for architectural images, allowing me to keep the verticals straight — it creates a precise look that I prefer. This hallway leading to the bathrooms is a perfect example. Compare this image to the one in this post. Unfortunately, it’s also darker, requiring better equipment and more skill to execute correctly.

Interior, Home Slice Pizza - Austin, Texas

Finally, we have the entrance, which compares similarly to this image. I’ve perspective corrected this one, too, and the night adds more moodiness. Shot from a lower angle, it also increases the drama.

These are mundane pictures from a restaurant, albeit more inspiring than your typical suburban chain. However, it shows that there’s always an opportunity for photography and that one’s style and gear influence the outcome over time.

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