Arvo, Salt at Our Kaka'ako - Honolulu, Hawaii

Arvo, Salt at Our Kaka’ako – Honolulu, Hawaii

Not unexpectedly, there are many restaurants and cafes at Salt at Our Kaka’ako. Arvo is located in an interior courtyard away from the street.

While definitely a mall, Salt at Our Kaka’ako feels different. First, it’s not in the suburbs. It’s distinctly urban and fits within the grid pattern of the city. While there are parking lots, the structures are better integrated into the neighborhood. I don’t know if this was a preexisting industrial site that was converted. Or if new buildings were created in an industrial style — the aesthetic works here.

Though not exactly the same, Salt reminds me of Springdale General in East Austin. They share an industrial look and cater to the creative community. However, Springdale has more workspaces while Salt has more restaurants and shops.

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