Hermes Stairs

Hermes Stairs - Honolulu, Hawaii

Hermes Stairs – Honolulu, Hawaii

My wife and I went to Hermes on Kalakaua Avenue, an upscale retailer that first started with leather goods. They’ve branched into a variety of products throughout their long history.

It wasn’t my wife that wanted to go. In fact, she was a bit hesitant, having to wait outside until a sales rep was available to individually escort the prospective customer throughout. They have a keen history in design, and I was curious. Curious, like someone going to a museum to view unattainable works of art.

As expected, the store was posh and a bit intimidating. I was particularly taken with the detailing of the stairs and wanted to take a picture. I asked for permission first since some upscale establishments can be sensitive about interior photography.

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