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Underground Lair - Austin, Texas

Underground Lair – Austin, Texas

SXSW 2022 started on a very chilly Friday. My second visit was on Sunday, a seasonably warm spring day. Cold snaps in Austin usually last a day — at most — unless it’s the Snowpocalypse. On day two of my South By coverage, we start with a rather odd building. Found in the central business district near my usual parking spot. A detail that I never realized until that day.

What the heck is the building, and how is it used? It reminds me of Dr. Evil’s secret underground lair. What is this parabolic antenna doing on top of this circular structure?

Fascinated, I framed the building with care and added perspective correction. It is the kind of deliberate photography I enjoy with the chunky Fuji GFX 50S II. While perhaps not elevated to high urban art, I find it a gratifying unconventional picture.

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