My Shooting Style Changes with Different Cameras

SXSW Film at the Paramount - Austin, Texas

SXSW Film at the Paramount – Austin, Texas

My apologies for posting yet another picture of the Paramount — I previously did so about a month ago. The theater is one of the last visual landmarks as I walk back to my car. It often serves as a fitting end to a series. This post marks the end of day one of SXSW 2022. Here we can see moviegoers have started congregating for a SXSW Film premier.

The main topic of the post, however, is not about the theater or South By. It’s an observation of how I shoot with different cameras. I’m carrying two cameras these days. The chunky, high-resolution Fujifilm GFX 50S II and the compact, stylish Fujifilm X100V. While from the same manufacturer, the two devices are very different. And, I’ve noticed that I shoot them differently, too.

The Paramount serves as a perfect example. Compare today’s picture made with the Fujifilm X100V with the one from a month ago — shot with the GFX 50S II. I tend to wield the light-weight X100V casually, using it quickly to capture moments. The camera is faster focusing and easier to maneuver. My framing tends to be somewhat relaxed.

The GFX 50S II, in contrast, is a slower, more deliberate camera. It focuses slower, and its bulk encourages me to make photographs deliberately. Often these pictures are more precise and controlled. I enjoy using it for slow, restrained photography.

Of course, there are overlaps in style. After all, the same photographer with the same predisposed biases controls both devices. However, I have noticed a difference in the imagery. Neither is better or worse in my book. Although people may prefer one style over the another.

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