Like a Western Wear Ad

Like a Western Wear Ad - Blanco, Texas

Like a Western Wear Ad – Blanco, Texas

Winding down this series, I wanted to showcase my favorite picture. I love to take credit for this idea. However, it was a concept set up by someone else. Taking numerous shots, the subtle combination of elements came together the best in this version.

Little changes make all the difference in an image. And, as I get pickier, those stand out. I like Sophia’s relaxed expression while looking directly at the camera — though I notice some tension in her left arm. Kenzie’s threatening stance adds some excitement and a story. Finally, I like the precise architectural framing in this old west town. It looks like a western ware ad, glamorizing the clothing and romanticizing the old west ethos.

Shooting this was a little more involved than expected. With the GF110mm lens, even at f14, the depth of field is not deep. However, in retrospect, I like the level of blurring that I created — this was unplanned. Also, the comparably long lens compressed the distance between the two models — making Kenzie appear prominent and more dangerous. A wide-angle lens would have pushed her way back, diminishing the effect.

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