Good Food Store, no more

Previous Location of The Good Food Store - Flushing, New York

Former Location of The Good Food Store – Flushing, New York

I had fond memories of this place while growing up in the neighborhood. No, not the Allstate agent. That came later. Years ago, it housed the Good Food Store, a corner deli and market. My mother asked me to pick up a quart of milk or other emergency necessities from there.

The store had a wonderfully district smell, as I recall, a symphonic mix of sweet and savory from the umami-infused, cured deli meats stored along the counter. The remaining area had daily supplies and canned goods. On the rare school field trip, my mom would treat me to a sandwich from the Good Food Store — sliced roast beef on a buttered kaiser roll.

On Halloween, instead of the usual candy or chocolate bar, the store would treat us to Hostess Devil Dogs.

The facade now looks hastily reconfigured, and the building looks worn. I remember a more vibrant place from my childhood. Perhaps my memories — amplified by age — give it more stature than it deserved. However, the warm thoughts remain.

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