On the Flight Path

On the Flight Path - Flushing, New York

On the Flight Path – Flushing, New York

Visiting downtown Flushing reminded me of how cacophonous it can be. There’s the constant rumble of the subway, a dozen bus lines fan out into the rest of Queens, the traffic jams, and even the Long Island Rail Road occasionally makes its appearance. However, the constant roar of the planes overhead stood out. When I lived there, this all got filtered. Though, I’m sure it created constant low-level anxiety.

Downtown Flushing, as well as my house, was on the flight path for LaGuardia. I’m sure a plane passes over every few minutes during busy times. That’s what I re-remembered as I walked downtown, occasionally looking up to snap plane photos.

Years ago, we huddled in front of our 14″ TV set watching the New York Mets. I would hear a plane fly over our house, and 30 seconds later, hear it again flying over Shea Stadium through the TV. I found it entertaining and felt an added connection to my favorite baseball team.

On the Flight Path - Flushing, New York
On the Flight Path - Flushing, New York

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