Park Avenue

Park Avenue - New York, New York

Park Avenue – New York, New York

With the high school visit finished and all reunion activities over, I transitioned to the 2nd half of my New York City trip. For the first several days, my primary focus was documenting my friends and the events we attended. Except for taking pictures of my hometown, everything else was a spur of the moment.

Frank drove me downtown to my hotel near Times Square when I snapped another photo through the windshield, shooting this at Park Avenue near 52nd Street, looking south.

Directly ahead is the Met Life building, formally the Pan Am Building. I’m old enough that I still identify with the original name. And, I wonder how many reading this knows what Pan Am is? Short for Pan American Airways, it was the famous, grand airline of its time.

I also like the smattering of yellow cabs and black limousines — very New York. Though now relegated to a small median, the greenery in the center of the road gives its name.

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2 thoughts on “Park Avenue

  1. When I was a young boy, whenever Dad flew us to the USA to visit family in Miami or New York City, we flew on Pan Am. I remember the joy of getting my wings and going to the cabin to talk to the pilots. I loved it all. Good times.

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