The Cheesecake was Fantastic

World Famous Cheesecake, Junior's Restaurant - New York, New York

World Famous Cheesecake, Junior’s Restaurant – New York, New York

Well, not surprisingly, the cheesecake at Junior’s was fantastic. And, I’m not necessarily a cheesecake superfan. When I lived in New York, I only ate it sparingly. Ironically, Junior’s were fresh on my mind because of Costco. I bought Junior’s sampler pack in Austin, of all places. Unfortunately, it appears to be a one-time event. I wish Costco always carried it.

The cake was sweet but not too sweet, with the perfect density, and not overwhelming. I didn’t eat this by myself. Susie and I shared. We had this for dessert, of course. We had deli sandwiches first.

Rueben Sandwich, Junior's Restaurant - New York, New York

Rueben Sandwich, Junior’s Restaurant – New York, New York

I started the coverage with cheesecake because that was the clear winner. The Reuben sandwich was only so-so. Probably a solid sandwich for most places. I expected more in New York City. No regrets, however. The place was buzzing with activity that gave a real New York City vibe. I had great company, tasty food, and a convenient location.

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