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Ordering, Junior's Restaurant - New York, New York

Ordering, Junior’s Restaurant – New York, New York

Issue 42 of my free magazine went out earlier today. Topics include the fate of photo galleries, a recommended photography movie, a new camera I recently bought, and more. Signup for the free magazine to get the next issue.

In a city with some of the finest cuisines in the world, I rather have comfort food. I had pizza with Frank and I requested a deli sandwich for dinner with Susie. A foodie, I’m not.

Logistically, we opted for Junior’s in Times Square. It was convenient for both of us. I knew they were famous for cheesecake. But unsure about their other dishes.

In places like this, I usually put away my big camera and shoot more discreetly with the Fuji X100V. However, I used the Fuji GFX 50S II for this picture. I need the zoom range, using the maximum 70mm (a modest 55m equivalent) and then cropping in extensively. Not ideal, but good enough to get a 19MP image of the ordering process.

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