Trees of Life

Trees, Fairmont Hotel - Austin, Texas

Trees, Fairmont Hotel – Austin, Texas

It’s been years since I’ve been to the Fairmont in Austin. As I recall, I last visited when it just opened in 2018. Remembering it has a distinct lobby, I brought my Fujifilm X100V to document. I wasn’t disappointed.

The Fairmont is upscale but has none of the stuffiness of typical fancy hotels. It has a modern playful design that distinguishes it from the others in Austin. The designer seems to have embraced the tree as a central element.

In the main lobby, there are two trees. These are artificial, I assume, though I never checked. They look too perfect growing out of a too-small container.

Tree, Fairmont Hotel - Austin, Texas

I noticed a tree with autumn colors at the restaurant, appearing more artificial but still bending artistically with the decor. And even if these aren’t real, they still create an illusion of warmth.

Tree, Fairmont Hotel - Austin, Texas

The most magnificent tree in the bar is the largest, with glowing lights. And it’s not holiday lighting. It looked the same four years ago. Still, it creates an enchanted garden feel. Perfect for drinks, I suppose. I’m sure beautiful surroundings have a positive impact on drink sales.

In addition to the trees, the Fairmont featured holiday decorations, which I’ll showcase tomorrow.

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