Eclectic Architectural Mix

Eclectic Architectural Mix - New York, New York

Eclectic Architectural Mix – New York, New York

I’ve talked about the mix of architecture around the High Line, a linear park on Manhattan’s west side. Today’s photograph is a remarkable example that I shot from the elevated park.

The core of the buildings are four and five-story brick tenements — I’m sure they are now extensively renovated. However, you can tell that this area first catered to the working class. All the new infills are fancy and modern. One has loft-like elements echoing the factory or warehouse aesthetic but is decidedly upscale.

While having no detailed knowledge of the area, I’m assuming the High Line has significantly upped the desirability of this neighborhood. That and the fact that most of Manhattan are now very expensive. I’m glad I can visit and appreciate the improvements without paying for the sky-high rents.

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