Empire AMC

Empire AMC - New York, New York

Empire AMC – New York, New York

I made it back to the Times Square area around midnight. This image is from 42nd street, where the ornate architecture and glowing neon attracted me like a firefly to a flame.

Though the building is now just a movie theater, albeit a large one with 25 screens, it was once a grand Broadway theater that opened in 1912. The surrounding structures, plastered with a mix of signs, cheapens the view. The large white blocks along the street must be there for pedestrian safety but add unwelcome clutter. Still, the red neon illuminates a handsome facade.

Over the next few days, I’ll feature a mini-series of street photos from Time Square that I shot 15 minutes earlier. However, this was the last picture I made that day — a prolific day of photography starting at 10 am and lasting 14 hours. I was running on fumes when I captured this image after walking an unfathomable 32,637 steps (about 15.5 miles). Luckily my hotel was only 4 minutes away.

While I started that day’s blog coverage with this post back in October, I shot 96 posts worth of New York images from a single day on Monday, June 13, 2022. Yup, I’m an extreme photographer when I have complete control of my time.

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