Corporate Fountain

Corporate Fountain, Sixth Avenue - New York, New York

Corporate Fountain, Sixth Avenue – New York, New York

This unexpectedly colorful corporate fountain is located diagonally across the intersection from Radio City Music Hall at 50th and Sixth Avenue. During the Christmas season, it features giant red ornaments floating in the center. In fact, Google Maps identifies this as the Christmas Balls Fountain.

Multiple identically tall boxy towers inhabit this section of Sixth Avenue. It’s an impressive sight from a scale perspective but not particularly exciting architecturally. Perhaps that’s why they’ve added this visually striking decorative element.

However, one overly colorful fountain isn’t enough to take the corporate-ness out of the neighborhood, though that’s probably not a concern for the tenants. Perhaps each boxy tower can be lit a different color and synchronized into a multi-block light show. Now that would make it a noteworthy attraction.

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