Entrance, 97 Orchard Street

Entrance, 97 Orchard Street - New York, New York

Entrance, 97 Orchard Street – New York, New York

Yesterday, I mentioned my visit to the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side. The bookstore and information center are located at 103 Orchard Street. However, the original museum is at 97 Orchard, and this is the entrance.

Because of the limited space at the tenement, only small groups get a leader-led tour at pre-set intervals. Unfortunately, they no longer had times that matched my fixed schedule. So, an actual visit to the museum wasn’t possible.

As a consolation, I took a picture of the entrance.

The building, constructed in 1863, contained 22 apartments and a basement-level saloon. The owner made some upgrades over time but closed the upper levels in 1935, creating a time capsule of tenement life from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Tenement Museum was founded in 1988 by Ruth J. Abram and Anita Jacobson. And since then, it has expanded to multiple period room apartments from different immigrant groups.

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