Salami as a Design Element

Interior, Katz's Deli - New York, New York

Interior, Katz’s Deli – New York, New York

I selected one more image from the interior of Katz’s Deli. After I ate half my sandwich, I took a few snaps of the interior. Like the outside, the inside is a raucous blend of history layered on top of each other. Beautiful, no, but character-filled. You don’t often find salami as a design element.

Look deeper, and the deli’s operations also seem like modern processes layered atop old existing ones — the odd ticketing system, the open line of customers in front of meat cutters, and payment of the bill.

You don’t pay at the table; you show the ticket upon exit, where you pay cash. Want to use a credit card? Go to this counter. Want your leftovers packed? Go to this counter. They are unlike other places, which is part of the fun, not to mention the incredible food.

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