Austin, Texas – US Flag and Skyscrapers

Austin Texas Downtown US Flag Congress Avenue

Old Glory in Downtown Austin

This is an image taken during the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk in Austin Texas. We started at the Texas State Capitol building and made our way south along Congress Avenue, which is the main north-south street in downtown.

Usually, I use my wide-angle lens or maybe my 50mm to do some street shooting when I’m downtown. On this day, I decided to test out my new Canon 70 – 200 F4 IS lens. The telephoto gave me a different point of view which was a neat change of pace from my previous downtown photo excursions.

The flag is flying atop a historic building that is located on the corner of Congress Avenue and 6th Street. I was attempting to contrast the historic brick structure against the grid of the modern skyscraper. I also like how the stripes of the US Flag worked with the window grid of the modern office tower.

6 thoughts on “Austin, Texas – US Flag and Skyscrapers

  1. Whats your experience with the 70-200mm f4 glass? As far I know there is also available a faster version of this lens at Canon with the same focal length range (70-200mm f2.8).

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