Austin, Texas – Congress Avenue Bridge

Austin Texas Downtown Congress Avenue Bridge Light Streaks

Downtown Austin Streaks By

This past week was a busy one for me from a photography point of view. I went on two downtown photowalks and a lighting class. This image was taken on the Wednesday night photowalk. Its the Congress Avenue bridge facing northward. At the end of the street you might just be able to make out the Texas State Capitol building.

You may also be able make out the crowds of people on the left side of the bridge. They are waiting for the famous Austin Bats to start their nightly run. Austin claims to have the largest urban bat colony in North America. Usually sometime around sunset up to 1.5 million Mexican Free Tailed bats take off from underneath this bridge. Recently the spectacular bat exodus has not occurred. A friend of mine indicated that there are several factors accounting for this including the weather patterns and mother bats nursing their young. Either way, I did not see many bat the night I took this photograph.

10 thoughts on “Austin, Texas – Congress Avenue Bridge

  1. Nice image – I’ve heard that the bats are leaving the bridge earler (prior to dusk) because there are a lot more mosquitoes available from all the recent rains. Don’t know if that’s true, though.

    Congratulations on the new blog – I look forward to following your posts as well.

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