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Mount Bonnell View | Mount Bonnell, Austin, TX

Mount Bonnell View | Mount Bonnell, Austin, TX

I’ve been a casual snapshot shooter — off and on — for my entire life with both film and digital. Four years ago, I became serious about my photography when I purchased my first digital SLR. My primary objective? Capture high-quality images of my family, my rapidly growing children, friends, and everyday life. I’m the guy who takes those pictures at school, soccer games, and social events, sharing them with family, parents, and the school yearbook.

About a year ago, I started the second phase of my photography, when I joined Flickr, at the urging of my friends. This photo-sharing community has been enjoyable and has kicked my interest into a higher gear. Since I didn’t want to post personal pictures, I branched out to other areas. Austin has a strong community of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographers — the most famous being Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs. I was motivated into landscapes and cityscapes after hearing him speak on several occasions. Subsequently, I’ve expanded to other subjects during this year of Flickr exploration.

The third stage of my photographic journey starts today with this blog and photo gallery. The journey from Flickr to personal blog is a common one in my circle of photography friends — so no new paths are being blazed. I laugh that I’m just following in their footsteps, first Flickr and now this blog.

I have ideas that, hopefully, you will find useful and interesting. With Flickr, I’m renting a place — a delightful place with great people. But, I basically park my pictures on someone else’s property. With this blog and photo gallery, I’m building my own place. It’s a lot more upkeep, but I can decorate it that way I like.

It’s not completely finished — rooms are being created and furnished. Content will be added, but I wanted to put a stake in the ground and claim my piece of internet property.

10 thoughts on “Next Steps

  1. Good luck/congrats on starting the blog – I actually went through a set of phases like that but only bought my DSLR months ago for my time living here in Taiwan.

    I’m originally from Ohio, but lived in Houston, so I’ll look forward to the Austin photos.

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