Technicolor: Life in color and in High Dynamic Range

Mount Bonnell View - Austin, Texas

I started my public photography presence on Flickr back in the summer of 2009. And although I haven’t posted anything to Flickr in four years, I keep the account to see where I’ve come from.

My photo stream is a mishmash of styles, especially in the beginning. But one of my early interests was HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography. What was once a trendy and relatively new technique is now commonplace, built into every iPhone and done automatically. It was and still is an important part of my photography.

I’m starting a new collection called Technicolor, showcasing my noteworthy HDRs. Many have never been “published”. I’ll also include any new HDRs that I still create, from time to time.

Why call it Technicolor? It’s sort of a joke. One that I play off Kirk Tuck‘s comment about HDR being “Technicolor Vomit”. Kirk and I are friends and it’s all in good fun. He’s even been complimentary about my HDR. It’s a worthy technique, when done correctly.

Which brings us to this photo from on top Austin’s own Mount Bonnell. My style has evolved over the years, but this 2010 photo is the first time, a HDR I created, blew me away. It’s the first time my photo looked better than the actual scene. It’s also the photo I used to showcase my first blog post, back in 2010.

Image created from 3 bracketed photos shot with a 8MP Canon 20D and a Sigma 10-20mm lens.

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