Downtown Austin Architectural Abstracts

Curved Granite Steps Abstract

Granite Curves

One of the things I find fun and challenging is to find some interesting abstract compositions when I’m waking through downtown Austin. The downtown is rich with visual clutter and there is always something interesting to photograph. This post shows some architectural abstracts I created on a downtown photowalk.

I like to use a prime lens (lens that doesn’t zoom) and try to carefully compose, what I hope, are interesting compositions. All of these images were created with my 35mm f2.0 lens. It lets me get in close and blur unwanted details. I also take just one lens around which is very liberating since I’m able to walk around with a minimal amount of gear. I don’t get slowed down or tired from carrying a whole bag of lenses.

Here are some architectural abstracts I found during the same urban photowalk.

Circle and Squares Abstract

Circle and Squares

Curved Granite Steps Abstract

Chain Detail

My Thought Process

Image 1: I noticed the curves of these granite steps in a small urban park. I stooped down low to get a different point of view that I thought was more interesting. I used a large aperture to get the nice blur in the background as the steps curved away.

Image 2: I’m challenging myself to look all around in the urban environment to find interesting details. This image is from a ceiling of a new office building. I found these textured metal tiles interesting but I wanted to add another visual element to add a dramatic interest and contrast rather than just repeating tiles. I also rotated the frame slightly to add more drama. The original color did not vary too much but I turned this image black and white to have a more uniform color and emphasize the metallic feel of the tiles.

Image 3: I loved the slightly textured limestone and its light color and how it contrasts with the black chain. The round circle cut into the limestone is very geometric and I wanted to add interest to it with the chain and the chain’s shadow. The late evening light added a nice warm tone to the stone.

Image Details

The 3 images were taken with a Canon 7D and Canon 35mm f2.0 prime lens. Taken as a 8MP JPEG.

Post processing in Apple’s Aperture 3 program included some sharpening, added some vignette, and creating the square crop. Also Aperture 3 was used to turn image 2 black and white.

Image 1: f2.8, 1/500 sec, no exposure compensation, ISO 100
Image 2: f2.5, 1/60 sec, no exposure compensation, ISO 100
Image 3: f3.5, 1/100 sec, no exposure compensation, ISO 100

9 thoughts on “Downtown Austin Architectural Abstracts

  1. Nice shots, Andy! I particularly like #2, of the ceiling tiles. Makes for a great abstract, and your decision to go monochrome helps emphasize the patterns. Nice work!

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