Waikiki Hotels Early in the Morning

Waikiki Hotels Early in the Morning

Waikiki Hotels from the Beach

On a recently family vacation, we went to Waikiki beach for a couple of weeks. Waikiki is an urban beach so it’s not the kind of place to get away from it all on a quiet and remote area. It does, however, have nice hotels, restaurants and stores right on the beach. The whole family finds it exciting since there is aways something to do. I wanted to get early morning photographs of the beach, maybe with a nice sunrise in the background. I’m really not an early morning person but luckily jet lag worked to may advantage for the first couple of days as I was still on Austin time. Unfortunately it was a bit more cloudy than I hoped for and it even started raining for a few minutes. Also, at this time of the year, Diamond Head, the iconic volcano visible from Waikiki beach blocks the first rays of sunrise. Despite this, I made an image which I think is interesting. It does have a distinctly urban feel even though its taken on a beach.

My Thought Process

I like how long exposure images renders water silky, smooth and shiny. I setup my tripod nice and low to get the sweep of the beach leading up to the hotels. I used my Sigma 10-20 lens to get super-wide views. It is especially important for wide-angle images to have points of interest in the foreground, middle and background since the wide-angles increases the distance from front to back. I used the sand texture and footsteps for foreground interest. The hotels and the distant mountain acts to fill in the rest of the scene. This is also a HDR image so I took 3 images at different exposures and later blended them together in software.

Image Details

The images were taken with a Canon 7D with both the Sigma 10-20mm lens. The 3 images were taken as 18MP JPEGs. The HDR was created in Photomatix. Layer blending using Pixelmator. Additional post processing in Apple’s Aperture 3 program included some sharpening, increasing saturation and adjusting the white balance.

Taken at: f13, 3 exposures, -2, 0, +2 exposure compensation, ISO 100 at 10mm

7 thoughts on “Waikiki Hotels Early in the Morning

  1. Wonderful shot Andy. Looking forward to seeing more from there! I stayed on that beach years ago and this brings back a lot of memories, well done! Jim

  2. Waikiki can be very crowded during the day–which can also be fun. However the early morning is certainly very peaceful. Thanks for visiting joeandrews.

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