The Olympus XZ-1 joins the collection

Lucky poses for the Olympus XZ-1 - Austin, Texas

Lucky poses for the Olympus XZ-1 – Austin, Texas

Lucky, our family dog, has long been a trooper that helps model new equipment, either a new camera or lens. The fact that I have a picture of Lucky may clue you in that I’ve added yet another piece of camera gear to my collection. But it’s getting tough though. I needed to bribe him with Scooby Snacks (dog treats) to get him to pose.

Okay, I know I have entirely too many cameras. It’s kind of crazy and a few years ago I would have never dreamed of owning this much gear. But here I am, with yet another camera added to my collection. This time, I got myself a XZ-1, the first generation of Olympus’ top end point and shoot that was originally released in 2011 . I actually purchased it over 3 weeks ago when I found it for a crazy low price. So low that I couldn’t resist. The white model was priced at an incredible $155 for a refurbished unit (the original price was $500). Interestingly the black model was $300. I bought it on a Sunday and on Monday I was set to blog about this deal when the price jumped up to $300. Perhaps Olympus made an error on the price or maybe they had a huge supply they needed to unload.

I bought the refurbished unit directly from the Olympus website. They offered free 2 day shipping, tax-free. All was not perfect though. I started testing the XZ-1 and I noticed that something was amiss. The image looked odd on the back LCD and when downloaded, I discovered that there was bunch of horizontal lines, every few pixels, that ran through the photos. It seemed like either the sensor or the image processor didn’t work properly. Cosmetically though, the camera looked perfect. I must admit that this is the first time I’ve ever had any problems with a refurbished unit.

Fast forward to today — I finally got my replacement unit. It took longer than I hoped, 12 days from when I sent it back to getting a new (refurbished) unit. In the days of great order tracking websites like Amazon or B&H Photo, dealing with the Olympus returns was a bit frustrating. I had to call customer support to find out if they received the original unit and to get an estimate of when they will send me the new one. In the end, the spectacular price I got makes up for a bit of hassle. If I paid the regular price though, I would be less thrilled.

My replacement unit is probably a refurb but I’m not sure. It was in a standard, new XZ-1 box instead of the generic refurbished box. The camera seems be operating properly so I’m excited to put it through it paces. So why do I need another camera given that I have loads of other cameras? I’ll talk about that in a subsequent post. For now, I’ll have another camera that fills a narrowly defined niche in my need/want for a photographic tool. The white unit is not my favorite. My younger son called it girly. My older son was, perhaps, a bit more complimentary calling it hipster. Either way, I’m now the owner of a white Olympus XZ-1 point and shoot. I will put it through its paces along side my Olympus Pens. You, of course, will get a report on how it performs.

Click on the photograph to see a larger image and hover over the photo to see the exposure detail.

11 thoughts on “The Olympus XZ-1 joins the collection

  1. Andy, whenever the family starts kvetching I ask if the would rather me go spend money in a casino or on illicit recreational substances. As long is things are in tune with family economics I don’t see a problem. Much unlike a girl friend of mine who is ready to land in divorce court over embezzling grocery money to buy designer shoes. Or the one guy I know who had to have the big Canon and hid it from his wife. Everyone has their vices. Buy wisely and enjoy.

    Take a pic of the camera for us. I’ve only seen crap pics of the white one.

    1. LOL, Libby. I think the family is more concerned with me testing the new camera on them then the amount of money I spend on cameras.

      I was a bit embarrassed to say to my wife that I was thinking of buying another camera but after she heard the price she was more than accepting of my hobby expenses.

      The amount I spend on my sons’ various lessons far out weight the amount I spend on camera gear. But, there is no contest. As a parent, paying for education and experience for the youngsters gets top priority.

      You put me on the spot. I might have to break out the special gear to take a nice photo of my new white camera.

  2. My camera buying has gone backwards compared to the norm; started with an E-3, added an E-PL1 and then the XZ-1. I still have them all and each has it’s use. I bought the XZ-1 out of curiosity, I wanted to find out how good the IQ was. So far I am satisfied with the IQ in good light and printing A4. The camera is a joy to use once you add the VF2. Not a true pocket camera, it is nevertheless small enough to be no trouble to carry. If it was my only camera I would not worry too much about it.

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