Happy 2nd Birthday, mostlyfotos

Birthday Cupcake, mostlyfotos 2nd Anniversary - Austin, Texas

Birthday Cupcake, mostlyfotos 2nd Anniversary – Austin, Texas

Yesterday, February 8th, 2013 marks the 2nd anniversary of my other blog, my one-photo-per-day blog called mostlyfotos. As a two year old, my blog has entered the toddler stage. This description is apt since, like a toddler, I feel like I’m really getting the hang of this thing and then I stumble.

I’m generally satisfied with the photographs that I’ve posted. I hope in some way, each picture has merit either artistically or shows a place of interest. The good news is that I have loads of photographs that I have yet to publish. Even if I stop shooting, my catalogue of available images will last a year or more. Since I do continue to take photographs like a mad man, I end up generating images quicker than I can post.

On the downside, the side that I’ve stumbled, is my failure to grow a larger audience. It’s really tough to carve out a presence on the internet and I’ve only had modest success. Often times, I’m at the whim of Google and when they change their search algorithm, my audience changes and usually for the worse.

mostlyfotos runs on the Blogger platform, unlike this one that runs on WordPress. On Blogger the statistics are not quite as good but I suspect my audience there is different from my loyal, core audience on this blog. It’s hard to tell especially since I don’t have commenting turned on for mostlyfotos — I want the keep the pages there clutter free as possible. If you are reader here and visit mostlyfotos on a regular basis, please let me know. I’m just curious, I guess.

For now, I plan to keep both blogs active. I feel the discipline of posting a photograph a day pushes me to shoot on a regular basis. I strongly believe that, like any craft, continuous practice is key. I also believe that mostlyfotos gives me credibility, in one sense. Sure, anyone can put up a limited portfolio of their best photographs, I’ve added one myself this year. But when you post 730 photographs over two years, you really get a feel for the photographer. Not all the photographs are brilliant, you many not even like them but you do know that I shoot often. For that reason, when I give equipment recommendations here, you know that I’m not just an equipment enthusiast that makes test shots of brick walls. I use my gear often and in real world conditions.

Thank you for continuing to visit this blog and mostlyfotos. It is such a privilege and in fact an indulgence to share my photographs with you. I hope I have helped you in some way, whether it is a piece of advice, a glimpse into another world or as a slight distraction from your busy day.

9 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday, mostlyfotos

  1. There has always been a strange fickleness to what gets a response and what doesn’t. I wrote a thing that took me 5 minutes about a TV show … not my finest hour … and I got 1000 hits in a day and continue to get 500 to 1000 hits a week on it months later. I’m not being modest. It really isn’t a big deal. A lot of my most popular posts are reblogs, which is a bit demoralizing. Some of my most popular posts are reblogs of YOUR stuff. I think I get more hits from your posts than you do; there’s no logic to that.

    Right now the changes in how Google handles pictures is killing blogs that are primarily graphics or photographs. They are displaying pictures without links back to the originating site as a “convenience” for their business clients. Bloggers belongs to Google, photographers based on Bloggers are hurting badly. Some have seen 75% drops in visitors. It’s hard to see any point in blogging if no one is going to visit. I’m pretty sure it’s the opening salvo in a much bigger war.

    The power Google and other search engines have is part of an ongoing battle between a bunch of big corporations to control and exploit cyber-space. Their goal is to find a way to “own” the internet and make us pay to use it. Make everyone pay to use it. It’s not a sinister plot: it’s good old corporate greed. Whoever finds a way to “own cyberspace” is going to make enough money to rule the communications universe. It’s not just Google. AT&T, Amazon and others are warring over it. We aren’t even pawns. We are just in the way.

    If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be blogging at all. You are the person who got me started. so I have a special fondness for you and the stuff you post. You’ve also been a big help to me.

    But there’s a battle shaping up. What’s at stake is enormous. We are in the way which is a bad place to be.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, I’m happy that I was able to help you in a small way. Thank you for coming back and being one of the regulars.

      Part of me knows that all the photography and blogging should be just for me and it shouldn’t matter how many people see it. On the other hand, it’s sure nice to increase one’s audience.

      Putting in the effort and having your blog grow slowly, I can handle. At least it shows a positive tend. Putting in the effort and having the viewership go down is just frustrating.

      Very interesting to see how the internet is going to change over the next few years.

  2. Keep going. Your blog and its photographic content are an inspiration to a lot of people who may not show up in the count.

    It is very difficult to get a true understanding of how many people see your work. For example, I’ve always accessed mostlyfotos as a subset of this blog. Who knows how that is recorded and reported?

    Google searching the term “atmtx” brings up a lengthy list of references, headed up by repeated referrals to flickr.com. The presentation of your photos there is not nearly as good as the same thing seen here.

    That problem extends to other sites as well.

    Smugmug offers great quality in images, but hitting it cold and searching for atmtx content yields up a confusing page: one featured photo of yours, three by a friend, and several items which appear to be screen grabs of a WordPress blog but turn out to be headers for deep collections. Baffling.

    500px is capable of providing an excellent showing — even if its own home page has every image juiced to the point of neon glow. There, your presence is slim and not representative of the quality and range of your photography.

    Google+ and Facebook? Who has time for that? Either may offer the opportunity for vast reach and the chance to go viral, but each looks like a career in itself. How much time and energy does any one guy have?

    And then there are wildcard Google search references like Lambaro.com which appears to have dropped your atmtx logo over any photo it chooses to publish.

    If I have a point in all this ramble it’s that you’re doing the best job showing your work in this space and mostlyfotos. Keep going.

    1. Mike, thank you very much for your feedback. It means a lot.

      I also enjoyed your analysis of my web presence. There is much truth in what you’ve said. Time is the limiting factor. What social communities do I participate in? I’ve had these discussions with my other photographer friends. Some have given up their blogs or left communities. I regret not keeping up my presence in Flickr.

      Like everything else, I’m constantly (re)evaluating.

  3. Andy, your blog is one of only 5 that I visit and read on a regular basis. I enjoy reading what you have to say, but more importantly, I am truely impressed with your photography – especially the photos that you take after twilight.

    I never seem to go directly to mostlyphoto.com, but I do see them. I get on Facebook about twice a week, and always spend less than 8 to 10 minutes each time. If I see one of your Facebook posts that links over to your mostlyphotos, I virtually always go check it out.

    My blog uses WordPress software, but the site is hosted by GoDaddy.com. I get the JetPack statistics and also have Google Analytics running. I can tell you that only a small fraction of the number of visitors end up leaving a comment, so number of comments left is not a good indicator of activity.

    I don’t know what your goal or motivation is, but I find it very entertaining, as well as educational, so I hope that you continue doing it!

    1. Thank you, Gregg for being a dedicated reader. I too visit your blog to see what an fellow Austinite is up to.

      I’ve heard the comment to viewer ratio is generally a really small fraction and even a well known blogger like Kirk Tuck gets frustrated at times.

      As for my motivation. That’s a complicated and something that evolves as I learn more about myself.

  4. i really enjoy your blog and Happy Birthday. Many more!
    i wouldn’t worry about how many view.
    my Tumblr site has 42+ followers, many more see it..

    i actually hate re-bloggers.i know it moves things, so more can see it, But many re-bloggers make it seem theirs..Many images by Magnum, You and me.
    i am glad you shoot like a madman. Photography like music needs constant play.

    Photographers who only carry cameras when it’s a pro job, are merely HACKS.
    Their work gets real poor, real soon. It stays at the bottom.
    i can use almost any camera for my “habit”. i also shoot every day and night.
    i prefer and promote smaller cameras..

    Your other blog is good. Look all the time.
    Well not when i am shooting..
    Facebook folks who are there constantly, have NO LIVES.

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