Contemplating some big equipment changes

Within a few minutes of waking up on Sunday, I had an equipment revelation. I began to contemplate significant camera changes. That, of course, set me into a flurry of analysis. It sucked up a good part of Sunday, too. Did it make sense? Should I do it? When should I pull the trigger?

Now, this isn’t life or death. I’m just talking about buying and selling cameras. But in the context of my photography and this blog, it is a shift. The camera I’m considering is not on my camera watch list that I talked about a couple of months ago. Like most things I do, it’s not completely crazy — I’m just not that kind of person. Nevertheless, if I go through with it, it would mean changes and an non-trival outlay of money, of course.

These changes address a few things that’s been nagging me. Not in a big way but growing, unresolved and underneath the covers. Most of my equipment choices are well-considered, I believe, but my priorities have changed and after several years of photography, I have a better idea of what I like and don’t like to shoot.

All this equipment talk will certainly be fun, I’m sure. It always is on these blogs. And if I go through with this, it will certainly give me some material to talk about.

Stay tuned!

15 thoughts on “Contemplating some big equipment changes

  1. Any clues? I presume this is a shift away from your 7D.

    So what to? Fuji X? Nah too slow. Sony NEX? Not enough good lenses. m43’s? Well isn’t really a ‘shift’ as such. Nikon? Not different enough to make a big difference. Sony Alpha maybe?

  2. If you do pull the trigger on a major change, don’t forget to give your loyal followers a priority shot at any M4/3 lenses you may decide to unload.

  3. a major change would and could only be go for Leica.
    All your money, all your cameras might allow for a used Digital M and one old lens!
    i have film Leica. The youngest bought with a massive trade of Pentax 6×7 gear..
    That young ‘un now 13 years old..My 50mm is from 1954.
    Leica M digital is a non starter in terms of money and quality..
    I would never invest more in 4/3 format. My opinion.
    The Canon systems have better color, as is than Nikon.
    RAW is wonderful. More work.
    i want cameras that have a decent JPEG.
    Good luck..but i seldom trade any equipment..
    i’m a bad loser.

  4. Thank Goodness! i’ve used a digital M. It was fun..but the amount of focus failures with the 90mm lens was about 50%! My lenses all sharp on my bodies..Yes! i know how to focus having used Leica professionally since the early ’60’s and in “hot spots”..Riot, Civil Disturbance, Fashion. Not the way to go.
    Tried out a Lumix a few weeks ago. Underwhelmed. Need for RAW, turned me right off.
    If the i-phone can do such wonderful images with JPEG, WTF with all this RAW.
    i don’t have a cell phone.
    i might look at latest Canon Rebel, Nikon 7000 or a Pentax. I want to use my old lenses..
    Good luck! jason gold.

    1. I like the theory of the Leica but not convinced about their execution and it is way too expensive. Lucky for them they have crazy collectors that are willing to pay their premium prices.

      I’m not a fan of the Panasonic colors. I much prefer Olympus or Canon.

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