Three years old, is this blog a toddler yet?

Leica X Vario

Just recently I passed the 3 year mark with this blog. I almost forgot about it until I received an email from, with their usual busty and attractive spokesperson, encouraging me to renew my internet domain. I did so and instead of the usual 1 year renewal, I signed up for 3 more years. It appears that I’ll be around on the “net” for a while.

I like writing these anniversary posts. It allows me to take stock of what I’ve done and to consider what has changed since a year ago.

Writing has always been a challenge and I never really enjoyed it so I don’t know how I ended up starting a blog. But a funny thing happened as I continued to force myself to write posts — I actually started to enjoy it. I can now write posts quicker than before. It’s still time-consuming but instead of taking several hours to craft a post, I’m down closer to an hour. It just goes to show that if you practice a skill, you do get better, even if it’s something you are not crazy about.

With all this effort, I’m disappointed to say that my daily viewership stats have not grown. They go up and down without a discernible pattern.

But there is a subtle shift that is beginning to happen. Something a mere report does not accurately reflect. I’ve noticed that over the last year or so I’ve developed a small and dedicated readership. You’ve been kind enough to comment and I feel that a semblance of a community has begun to form. This makes me very happy, more than you will ever know. Thank you for visiting and adding your voice and opinions to this site.

My current formula is to balance stories centered around photography with some discussion about equipment. I continue to show a lot of my photographs, perhaps only to prove that I really do use the equipment. While some sites like to discuss photography abstractly or delve just into the gear, I think a photography site should have a lot of real world photographs.

Thank you again for coming to this site. There are so many distractions in the modern world that I feel privileged that you would spend your precious time to visit.

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29 thoughts on “Three years old, is this blog a toddler yet?

  1. I’m still following you, the first blog I ever followed. I reblogged when you first posted it the comparison of the PL5 and the PM2. It remains one of my biggest hit getters. I probably get more hits from it than you do! You write intelligent, down-to-earth equipment reviews that address things real photographers want to know. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I’d have ever figured out what to buy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. happy blogging birthday. Each milestone is exciting – I was super excited when I did my 100th blog – sometimes it is the little things and I too love getting comments and sharing with like minded people. Thanks for your lovely photos – sometimes they just help put a smile on my face. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I really enjoy your mix of writing subject matter and I especially enjoy the photos themselves. Please keep it up.

  4. Joyeux Anniversaire!!!! I am only following 3 blogs that are NOT about bird photography (I am a bit nutty on that topic), all three (obviously you are one of them) about mirrorlesses. I think I initially started your blog after I googled “lumix 20mm”, or perhaps “oly EP2” (I was on the hunt for a new camera). You did not convince me to purchase a m4/3 (I picked a boring and, I thought, more cost effective DLSR), but I truly enjoyed your architecture pictures (including your B&W processing for those), many of your “blue hour” pics, and your practical reviews.

    1. Thank you, Laurent. I’m glad I’m part of your small circle of blogs. DSLRs are very cost effective these days. I think that is one of the hurdles mirrorless is facing. I think there are good points to both type of systems.

  5. You definitely made the right decision to renew and continue. However, they way you’ve done it has deprived you of two visits from the busty and attractive spokesperson. Is that a true economy?

  6. Yours is one of the 3 photography blogs I follow every day; I follow others but not on a weekly basis. I can’t remember exactly how I found you but I’m sure it had to have been something to do with mirrorless cameras, as I was an early convert buying a Lumix G1 shortly after it came out. I very much like your photography and feel you have the right mix of photography and tech gear stuff. And I very much like that you cover the tech stuff from the view of what works for you, even if I would look at it differently. I’m chatting with you across the table at your favorite coffee house. Here’s hoping for another fantastic three years. So what if you don’t have a bazillion followers, it’s the quality of content and the feeling of a community that counts.

    1. Thank you Ed. The formation of a community is indeed very gratifying.

      I do enjoy the mirrorless cameras even with my recent acquisition of the Canon 6D. I use the 6D for it’s high ISO performance. I use the mirrorless because it is more fun.

  7. Congrats on 3 years! I haven’t been reading you blog for that long, but I have a great deal of respect for your opinions and outlook. I find your blog posts to be humble but forth right but without trying to hard to come across as such. Readership isn’t the most important thing, you have a genuine audience of reader that come here to read your work and opinions, not the latest gear that you happen to have your hands on.

    I think for example the (poorly done) phoblographer is an example of people reading because of the gear they are reviewing, not their opinions. People stumble upon their blog looking for a review, but don’t come back just to browse through the articles – they only come back when there is another review of another potential purchase.

    Keep up the great work and we’ll keep come back just to hear your thoughts… Whatever the topic ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. MdB, thank for the detailed writeup and example. There are a lot of sites out there and many with great content. I’m glad that my take on the photo world has some merit and interest.

  8. One of the better photo blogs and really nice pictures too. Happy you’ll be staying. Cheers from Slovenia

  9. Many thanks for an informative and inspiring blog. You have a gift in making your blog seem like a personal conversation with your audience. And as a city person, I really do appreciate your urban landscapes.

  10. Happy Anniversary. A very wise Tai Chi master once told me, “Ten years…one big step. Three years…one baby step.” I think that applies to quite a few things in life. To many more.

  11. I only just came across your blog but I was immediately pulled in by your honest writing style. You can really tell there is a person behind the words, and that’s essential to a blog becoming successful and well-loved. Wishing you many more years of success!

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