Pushing the limits of a point and shoot and embracing art

Downtown Reflections - Austin, Texas

Downtown Reflections – Austin, Texas

I was on a boat last night on Lady Bird Lake.

It’s not actually a lake, it’s a river that is dammed up that flows through downtown Austin. Because everything for me is a PhotoOp, I brought a camera. Except I didn’t want to look like a total camera dork so I used my new Fujifim XF1 point and shoot. Just one camera, believe it or not. No big DSLR or even a reasonably sized mirrorless.

My main purpose was to take snap shots of my wife and maybe get someone to take a rare photo of my wife and I, together. But of course, the lure of night images and reflecting urban lights was more than I could bear. I had to take cityscape photos like everyone else.

Except everyone else used iPhones. A few actually had real point and shoots. Beyond the stylish looks of the XF1, I had some technology that no one else possessed, a bigger sensor and some trick photography modes hidden away in the retro design. The results I got were surprising.

Before we left dock, I coaxed the Fuji to shoot at ISO 400 and at 1/2 second. The results were quite spectacular as you can see above. Hard to believe this is a point and shoot. The Fuji does some special dynamic range expansion tricks in-camera. I used JPEG for everything and did some light post processing in Aperture 3.

Downtown from the Boat - Austin, Texas

Once we left downtown and headed east, it got dark quickly. ISO 800 was short-lived and I needed ISO 1600 or higher. I switched to in-camera black and white which handles the noise better. Even with a slightly larger 2/3 sensor, ISO 800 is my preferred top end. ISO 1600 works at times, in a pinch.

Distant Glow - Austin, Texas

Shooting from the river gave a vantage point that I’ve never seen.

Interstate 35 #1 - Austin, Texas
Interstate 35 #2 - Austin, Texas

Photos around the Interstate 35 bridge were the most interesting. The XF1 has a special EXR mode that combines multiple images together to help reduce the noise or increase dynamic range. What resulted was artistic and minimal images. Low fidelity yet surprisingly satisfying.

Interstate 35 #3 - Austin, Texas

Even the occasional ISO 3200 was acceptable in a grainy, Lomography kind of way. I’m trying to break out of my strictly low noise, high quality photography. These images are more about mood than anything else.

Moody Skyline - Austin, Texas
Captain's View - Austin, Texas
Not Quite Titanic - Austin, Texas

The boat cruise lasted 2 hours. We sailed east just past I35. Then we went west past the Lamar Street Bridge and docked back next to the 1st street bridge. It was a fun event with drinking, BBQ and some uncharacteristically different point and shoot photographs. I’m not going to give up my regular style but pushing the boundaries of a tool to see what happens is kind of interesting. Heck, if it’s fuzzy and grainy enough, maybe I’ll just call it art.

Note: I noticed that the Black or Red Fuji XF1 is still on sale at Amazon for an amazing $199. I couldn’t resist. I bought another one, black this time. I’m giving it as a gift. I think it’s an excellent point and shoot.

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