Breda, Netherlands at night

Gold and Blue - Breda, Netherlands

Gold and Blue – Breda, Netherlands

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? The urban night-time scenes? Until now, almost all of my postings from the Netherlands were from the daytime, which is unusual for me. As you know, I like the night-time in the city.

Being a tourist in a foreign country, it’s inevitable that I shoot more during the day than usual. Compared to the regular tourist, however, when they wind down after dinner, I’m just getting started on my second half of my photography. Breda was easy because the town is small and the hotel was nearby.

I shot these throughout the week. During the weekdays, I still went out at night to shoot after work, even if I was tired. It wasn’t a big deal though. Photography is relaxing for me, even when I’m in a directed, “gotta get the shot” mode. I would go out and eat and strolled through the center of town, getting both my creative fix as well as getting much-needed exercise.

A Touch of Blue and Purple - Breda, Netherlands
Classic Hallway - Breda, Netherlands

I walked like crazy and my Pedometer App registered 10,000 to a high of 20,000 steps in a day, which is anywhere from 4 1/2 to 9 miles. I’m glad I had a light camera with me — no bulky and heavy DSLR to slow me down. While my feet might have ached a bit, my shoulder and back held up well.

Corrine at Dinner - Breda, Netherlands
A Table by the Window - Breda, Netherlands
Cafe Corenmaet Interior - Breda, Netherlands

I also had the pleasure of exploring the city with Corrine who was on a business trip from Shanghai. I met her at the hotel as we both checked in at the same time. We did some touristy exploration of Breda, which doesn’t take long. We also had a few pleasant dinners together.

She was patient as I snapped my photos throughout our city exploration. Luckily by then, I was pretty fast at shooting the Fuji X100S. The camera worked well for taking her portrait in the very dark Cafe Corenmaet as well as shots of its moody interior.

A Bus at Breda Casino - Breda, Netherlands
Breda Casino at Blue Hour - Breda, Netherlands

Leave the pedestrian only center of town and you have cars and buses that loop the central core. Traffic was still light and I probably saw more bicycles than cars. This impressive building is the Breda Casino, which appears to be stylishly modernized. Notice that artistic windows inset into the brickwork. No gambling for me. I was too busy taking photos.

Closed Shops by the Grote Church - Breda, Netherlands
Wok to Go - Breda, Netherlands
Crowded Outdoor Seating - Breda, Netherlands

All of the shops closed early except on Thursdays. But the bars and restaurants are open late. The outdoor seating bustled with people into the night. My previous Breda post showed a quiet place with no people, but that was early in the morning. I like a place that doesn’t shutdown at night. I was actually surprised with the amount of activity, given that Breda is such a small city. Perhaps the Dutch are night owls like me.

Studio Dependance - Breda, Netherlands
A Night on the Town - Breda, Netherlands

The bars and clubs clustered around the big Grote Church in the center of the city. These places had bright color but were more subdued than 6th Street in Austin. Most of the places were really small but people were packed into the bars and I saw some lively dancing.

Coyote Ugly - Breda, Netherlands
Orange Flags - Breda, Netherlands

I was more of an observer and had just a couple of beers. I was definitely more interested in documenting the city instead of partying the night away. That’s the problem being somewhere for only a short time. I feel compelled to use my limited time for photography.

In Austin for example, I would more often pop into the bars and relax with a drink. I don’t have the time pressure there since I’ve been to 6th Street often and I really didn’t have to shoot any more photos.

Purple Facade - Breda, Netherlands
De Markt - Breda, Netherlands
Grote Church Illuminated - Breda, Netherlands

While I think I got the feel of the place, I certainly could have stayed longer. That’s the great thing about photography on business trips. Instead of being all alone in some business hotel cooped up in the room, I get to explore new places. It certainly keeps me entertained during the non-work hours. It also helps when it’s a charming place like Breda filled with endless details to photograph.

Golden Warmth - Breda, Netherlands
Felicia Bruidsmode - Breda, Netherlands
Closing Time, The Burger Bar - Breda, Netherlands
Old World Night Scene - Breda, Netherlands

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14 thoughts on “Breda, Netherlands at night

  1. Would you please share the settings on your X100S that give the distinctive vibrant look of your JPEGs? Thanks.

    1. Rodney, the exposure setting are available if you hover over each photograph with a mouse.. Much of the color is due to the post processing that I do and not just how the photographs are shot.

  2. Wonderful shots as always. How are you enjoying your X100S? Were the shots handheld or did you use a tripod for some?

    1. I’ve come to really appreciate the X100S and I am now working with it smoothly. All shots in these posts were handheld, no tripod.

  3. Great pictures. Like the style very much.
    I’m also heading to the Netherlands in the summer for a family trip. Will take my X100s for sure but still contemplating about my D90 + Sigma 17-70 to complement/backup it…

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