Introducing my new micro blog, on Tumblr

atmtx Q

I started a new blog, a micro blog actually, on Tumblr.

Over the years, my main blog has morphed into bigger posts with lots of photos and text. My micro blog is simple — photos take center stage. I already have over 100 images from Japan with lots of dark inky black and whites. It’s my attempt to do something new and to share images created exclusively with the Pentax Q7. I call it atmtx Q.

atmtx Q

I’ll have a lot of photos from Japan and beyond and most of them will be exclusive to atmtx Q. My Instagram is shot only with the iPhone and this new Tumblr site will be only be with the Pentax Q system. I shoot more free-form with the Pentax and I want a more free-form way to display those images.

Please take a look and tell me what you think.

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15 thoughts on “Introducing my new micro blog, on Tumblr

  1. This looks great.

    Slightly off-topic, but I notice you take photos of people in the street. What is the etiquette on this? Do you approach them and ask them if they are OK with being photographed? I’m guessing this is best but the impromptu shot can also be brilliant. Anyway, be interested in your thoughts and experience on this.

    1. christopherwrightau, my understanding is, many places allow public photography as long as the images are not used for commercial purposes without proper consent. All the photographs in Japan, so far, were candid. This gives a traditional “street photography” look I suppose. That said, I also take street portraits where I ask for permission.

  2. Love the ‘Micro Blog’. Those black & whites…very film-like. They resonate with me. Like looking at ‘old snapshots’ (in a good way).

  3. Good luck with the new blog! I gave Tumblr a whirl a while back and it ended up not being my thing so I deleted my account last month along with Instagram and most other social media sites. I do enjoy reading your main blog though, particularly your travel related posts.

    1. Thank you Mike, for continuing to visit. Tumblr is an experiment as is the photography style on the Pentax Q7. I’ll see how long I continue with it. That site does make it easy to post, however, which I like.

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