Happy Holidays

Seasons Greetings from O'Hare Airport - Chicago, Illinois

Seasons Greetings from O’Hare Airport – Chicago, Illinois

Happy Holidays everyone. I’m back from my trip up north. Though both Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin were experiencing record high temperatures, it was still colder than the typical Austin winter’s day. I got my taste of cold for the winter holidays but I’m happy to be back in a warmer climate.

I thought traveling on Christmas day would be quiet and peaceful but alas, the load optimizing computer algorithms have packed the airports and planes. I was happy that I made it back on time. I snapped this photograph in O’Hare Airport earlier today. I though it was particularly festive and appropriate for today.

My camera selection worked well and I ended up shooting about 2500 images. It was low stress at least in the photography department. I will post images over the next couple of weeks.

I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season.

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One thought on “Happy Holidays

  1. Happy holidays! I’m always astonished at the number of shots you bring back from your trips. You should share about your workflow in handling large numbers of shots. I’m not sure I take 2500 shots in a year (outside of sports of course) and I have a hard time keeping my personal shots managed, processed, and shared!

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