The Swamp Bats at 311 Club

Steve's Guitar, The Swamp Bats - Austin, Texas

I ran into my friend Mike, who is both a photographer and a biker, during the ROT Rally. We went to the 311 Club to shoot The Swamp Bats. I’ve heard them before, a couple of times, including at Steve’s House during a cool South Austin party.

Using the Panasonic ZS50 is far from ideal in a dark bar with an actively performing band. I managed to get a clear, fairly sharp photo. Which goes to show that if you shoot enough frames, random luck can work for you, even when the shutter speed is 1/10 of a second. It’s a snapshot though, which is fine to remember the event by, but it’s hardly original or artistic.

I zoomed to 200mm, slowed the shutter to a 1/2 a second and embraced motion blur. Steve, the lead guitarist didn’t disappoint. I managed to create this dynamic guitar photo.

Part of my Photo Sketchbook Collection.

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3 thoughts on “The Swamp Bats at 311 Club

  1. Hi, i disagree with your comment about “random luck” working for you. This is a great image you obtained by controlling the camera within its limits to suit the situation and your vision for the image. I think it’s more than a snapshot 🙂

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