Pokémon Go in real life

Pokemon Go in real life - Austin, Texas

You might have heard of a smartphone game called Pokémon Go, it’s taking the world by storm. The normally oblivious phone users are being sucked further into the virtual world. But in Austin, where things are a bit weirder than most places, we do things differently.

Seen on South Congress, a couple of weeks ago. A real life Pokémon, in the wild. Captured with the Panasonic ZS50. Part of my Photo Sketchbook Collection.

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2 thoughts on “Pokémon Go in real life

    1. Well I think it’s fine for my 13-year-old. He and others are actually getting more exercise as they go walking around looking for Pokemon. My son has actually started riding his bicycle around the neighborhood for the game. He assures me that he is not playing the game while riding.

      As for others, I guess it passes their time? It’s like compulsive picture taking or blogging. Though, I would argue at least with photography and blogging, there is some creativity at work — maybe.

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