At the Crosswalk

At the Crosswalk - Tokyo, Japan

I shot this, somewhere in Tokyo, back in 2014. I forget the exact location, though I remember it was under the train overpass, possibly near Ueno Station. I’m attracted to the shadowy figure, contrasting against the reflection and the pattern of the crosswalk.

It has a certain Blade Runner-esque feel, perhaps because of the gritty urban look with the added rain. No flying cars, unfortunately. Perhaps the silhouette is of Deckard, planning his next move, hunting down replicants.

I used the Pentax Q7 with the 39mm equivalent prime lens. Part of the Deep Blacks collection.

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4 thoughts on “At the Crosswalk

  1. For your reference, the photo was taken right outside of Ueno station. The restaurant called じゅらく Jyuraku is still there. There several exits at the station and that exit leads to the market street, where you can find many fishmongers.

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